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I should put more on here.




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Hi. I draw dragons and my own idiot characters, the latter of which is drawn to an unhealthy amount.

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However, you are still welcome to ask me about these.

There are three characters you will likely see way too much of, and they are: Bob, Ice, and Tellur. Likely in that order at any given time.
I also do more than my share of stupid things, occasionally enjoy cooking, and always seem to be sleeping because I slumber like a great beast who cannot be awoken for ten thousand years. :I


I've become a bit more of a rarity on deviantART, but I still try to update often.

Other sites you can find me at if you're interested:
-This is my main tumblr account. I am always on it if I'm online. All art is posted to this place first. This includes finished works, sketches, and silly doodles. All reblogs and textposts show on this account. If you want to see everything from me like that, you should follow this account.

Art-Only Tumblr
-This tumblr blog will reblog every piece of finished or sketch art that was first posted on the personal one. Stupid doodles don't make it here, but most other things will. If you want to keep updated on my art as soon as it shows up, and only my art? This is the place for you to follow.

-My Weasyl account is just about as active as this dA account is! You'll probably see the same things come through on both accounts.

Fur Affinity
-My FA is the least used and less things make it there than here or tumblr. If you're only interested in rare updates and often animal-only posts, you can watch this account of you like.

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So that I can keep posting gifs and youtube videos on my journals, haha.

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because everyone started moving there recently, i figured i'd fire up my weasyl account that i've had ever since it was closed to the public and Vit got me in.
i've already told the furries over on my FA account about it, and my comp was down for a few days, so i couldn't really inform you all.

BUT. here it is:

here's the deal with it.
-it will probably be about as active as this account is, maybe a bit moreso?
-in order of most active to least: tumblr [both personal and art], weasyl/deviantart, and furaffinity. the furaffinity literally gets the least love from me. >v>;
-i'm not completely moving there. not unless dA and FA go even more batshit insane. it'll just be another place for me to be, and mostly a just in case dA and FA go jump off a cliff together. :0

however, because i've got another place to put art/doodles up now, i might end up cleaning up around here. older doodles, things in storage. the oh so many stored things oh my god you newer people DON'T EVEN KNOW.

but yeah that's about it honestly? :v
it seems like a nice little place.
again, this isn't a move. in fact you folks here on dA will probably see the same things come up around the same time. FA is the one that i'll neglect. sometimes on purpose. :>

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KimmyMonstah Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neiot Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
May I tell you that your art is absolutely inspiring?  I am being sincere.
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Tizami Sep 17, 2013  Student General Artist
I really like your style. :3
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KimmyMonstah Aug 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doot doot doot
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doo doodee doo
nothing fun here for youuuuu

alrite then.
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